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Just in case we were ever concerned that things in Post-R Crystal Tokyo didn’t turn out totally okay after all, we have this to make it all better. Because this is a future were Rei goes out of her way to tell Chibi-Usa every embarrassing story about her mother she can think of. And if that isn’t just the most perfect thing then I don’t know.

Meanwhile Usagi straight taking out Future Rei’s actions on Present Rei. Because SOME REI SOMEWHERE MUST PAY FOR THIS.

But my favourite part? How Chibi-Usa watches them squabble and actually get into a physical broom-swatting, neck-choking fight, AND IS SO NOT IMPRESSED. Just turns to the others, bright-eyed. “Yeah, so, training!” Because that is how often this shit is still happening in her world.

And picture that for a second, with Neo-Queen Serenity all regal in her flowy dress and ornate crown.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love Crystal Tokyo?


I love these two scenes so much. They are so similar, and it gives me way too many feels.

I especially love the NQS and Chibiusa scene. Chibiusa is running up to them, excited to see them all. Then she stops and curtseys in front of them, trying to keep her perfect Princess composure. And Neo-Queen Serenity leans forward a bit, wanting to be closer to Chibiusa, but also trying not to break her perfect Queen composure. But then they both just break at the same time. Chibiusa runs to her mother and Serenity just drops to her knees to hug her daughter, not caring about anything else in the world.

So perfect.

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